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ENT 610 – Week 4 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Newspaper Ads (4-5)

Newspaper Marketing Agency and Guinness

Ad: Guinness Toucan

This ad depicts the Guinness Toucan proudly displaying a glass of, what one can presume to be, Guinness beer. The Toucan sits atop a weather vane, which is shown to be way above a town. In the sky, above the Toucan’s head, is the text in bold red, “Lovely way to SHOW OFF your brand.” This particular ad is part of a campaign which was done by the Newspaper Marketing Agency. These ads are classics, which are being used to make the argument that these older brands continue to use newspaper ads and marketing successfully and you can too, by looking into the Newspaper Marketing Agency. I mean, there is obviously a science to it all if these brands have been able to make newspapers work for them so very well. There is a blurb of text to the right of the Toucan that reads, “Newspaper advertising. For over 75 years Guinness have used this powerful medium to gain a greater share of voice and stand out in their market.” I feel, by using older ads, part of the goal is to create a feel of nostalgia within any readers because of how classic the overall appearance is. The goal of this campaign was to have a series of different ads, a total of six, to be used to show how successful newspaper advertising has been used throughout the decades and to get people interested in continuing to use this venue for advertising for their own purposes, so they should consider using the Newspaper Marketing Agency for assistance. It is to show that the old advertising markets are still viable and beneficial. Obviously so, considering these older brands still continue to use and see value in newspaper ads. I believe these ads ran for a couple of months, though choosing to use the Newspaper Marketing Agency is always an option, regardless of the ads still running.

The target market for this advertisement is any business or individual(s) seeking avenues for marketing themselves. Whether it be a product, a service, etc., it does not matter because the timelessness and benefit of these ads far exceed anything. This ad wants the viewer to consider contacting and working with the Newspaper Marketing Agency for creating advertisements for their product or business. The viewer will benefit from this action because they will benefit from this advertising venue because these super successful and larger companies have done so well and obviously still see value in it due to their continued use.


Volkswagon and, much later, Newspaper Marketing Agency (this is not the exact one they used, though) 

Ad: Lemon  

The complete image of this advertisement is an older Volkswagon Beetle. Below the image is a segment of text, the title being “Lemon.” Then it proceeds to state that, “This Volkswagen missed the boat. The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished and must be replaced. Chances are you wouldn’t have noticed it; Inspector Kurt Kroner did.” The advertisement continues on to talk about how, “there are 3,389 men,” that work their Wolfsburg factory that are all there for the single purpose of inspecting each and every vehicle at every stage in the production process at this location. They also produce 3,000 vehicles at this particular location on a daily basis and mention how they have more inspectors than vehicles at one time. They continue on to talk about how every aspect is tested and if a standard is not met, then the car is sent back to be worked on until it meets that standard. They finish the advertisement by stating, “We pluck the lemons; you get the plums.” Meaning that they pull the “sour” ones and they make sure you get the nice, sweet ones that are ready to go for you. This, I believe, is the original ad that was published during 1959. It is also one that the Newspaper Marketing Agency chose to include in their campaign, though this is not their exact ad. The goal of this advertisement was to intrigue the viewer/reader into wanting to purchase a Volkswagon due to the manufacturer’s dedication to providing the best quality product and how it is meant to last a good long while. They wanted to get the viewer to have a better understanding of their process, that way an appreciation may be developed.

The target market, I believe, would be anyone of the car driving age or that can afford to buy a car. Someone that needs a new car and is looking to switch brands in the hopes of finding something more reliable. The ad wants the viewer to consider purchasing a “plum” from them because they make sure the buyer isn’t getting any “lemons” and knows that it is a quality product that they will not regret. By expressing to the viewer that there are more inspectors in a Volkswagon factory than there are cars produced in a day, that means that there should be no “lemons” coming out of their production and you will always end up with a quality piece of machinery.

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ENT 610 – Week 4 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Newspaper Ads (1-3)

The New Zealand Herald

Ad: “Nobody Gets Closer…”

I chose to focus on a series of four ads for my first one for the Newspaper Ads. Why? because how can I analyze just one of these four, when they are essentially a series. Throughout all four ads, it is the same man. First, he looks like a normal individual. The second ad, he has a black eye and it is swollen shut. By the third ad he’s smiling, revealing that, not only does he have a black eye, he also is missing quite a few teeth. The final ad, the fourth one, he’s missing another tooth and his ears are sticking out and look slightly torn. The caption below all of them says, “Nobody gets closer to World Cup Rugby.” This ad reflects that this particular rugby team in New Zealand is tough and extremely good, which is why they are able to make it to the World Cup Rugby. The goal of these advertisements, I feel, are to spark humor, to create interest, and to build pride. By doing a series of ads, subscribers will notice the slight changes in this man’s appearance. Anyone that isn’t a subscriber, and only sees one ad, the point will still come across fairly successfully. The humor comes from seeing the man’s appearance change and him going from a straight face, to a big, toothless grin. The interest is developed based on the caption that The New Zealand Herald created. Then, the pride is based on both aspects of the humor and the interest. The objective is to make people interested in the World Cup Rugby and what the team is achieving.

The target market of the ad is rugby fans and enthusiasts, New Zealanders, and anyone who enjoys a good competition. The ad strives to get people interested in the World Cup Rugby. To go the extra mile, one can argue that supporting the New Zealand team is the overall goal. Having pride in your country is one of the best feelings a person can have and, unfortunately, there isn’t enough of that anymore [not that many have been given enough reasons to be proud].


Lakme Winter Care Lotion

Ad: “Winter Creams”

This ad is fairly straightforward and subtle. This is a mirror image of the same face, but there is one significant difference between the two. The one on the left has newsprint all throughout the skin. At first it looks like the newsprint from the other half of the paper transferred onto the face, but it is one hundred percent intentional. There is no text in the eyes or the lips, it is strictly just on the skin. The face on the right, though, is completely clear. In the bottom right corner of the ad, there is a little bottle of lotion, which is for Winter Creams. The concept of the ad is show that this lotion is great for getting your skin to a point of being completely clear and beautiful. The ad is wanting to create astonishment within the reader/viewer because of the distinct difference between the two faces. The objective of this campaign was to convince people that this lotion is great at removing unwanted aspects of your face, such as wrinkles or text. It is great at clearing up your face.

The target market for this ad is anyone that desires to have greater skin. That, or someone who wishes to keep their skin looking great and wants to avoid it ever looking bad. The ad wants the viewer to consider purchasing this lotion in order to make their skin that much better. If the individual chooses to purchase and use this lotion, they will benefit by having better skin. By seeing the differences in the faces, it should motivate someone enough to purchase this lotion.


National D-Day Museum

Ad: “Hell Had Coordinates”

This ad is referring to a time in World War II where troops were having to deal with horrible situations. When it came to storming the beaches, such as Omaha Beach, it was the worst place to be. So much so, the caption of the ad states, “AT 0630 ON JUNE 6, 1944, THE MEN OF THE 116TH DISCOVERED THAT HELL HAD COORDINATES.” There is an image of a soldier in the water, making his way to, what one can assume, is the shore. There is a description at the top of what all soldiers were facing that day at the beginning of the United States’ role during WWII. I feel that the purpose of this ad is to strike some fear and awe into the viewer/reader. No one should ever take lightly the sacrifices that were made all throughout WWII and never let the memory of those soldiers die out. The image itself is fairly frightful once you understand what exactly was going on that day in that exact image. Awe because of, honestly, the complete and utter amazement one should have when considering everything that those soldiers went through.

I believe the target audience is for those who want to have an understanding of history. Or those do not know that the National D-Day Museum of New Orleans even exists. Or anyone that is an enthusiast and has an appreciation and understanding of what this country has gone through and wants to continue supporting the remembrance of that history. The ad wants the viewer to understand that there was nothing easy, simple, or fun about D-Day.

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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#5)

 United Nations Mine Action Service

Ad: Sweeper

The advertisement starts with stating, “Landmines are a very real danger for millions worldwide.” Then it proceeds to show video of explosions, survivors with prosthetics, recovery efforts made by individuals of landmines, all with a white outline of their country and their country’s name. It starts out slowly moving through each clip to jumping through them. Then it states, “If there was just one land mine in New York, the city would come to a standstill,” Marco Grob’. Then it jumps to a clip of New York City and segments of a gallery/museum space. So they set up a functional space with landmines throughout it and opened it up to the public. Made it “fun” by creating it to be an interactive environment where using (I believe) their phone [with an app] and wearing headphones is completely acceptable. They select the App ‘Sweeper’ and proceed to walk throughout the gallery space. As they walk about, when they get “on top of” a landmine, they hear an explosion through their headset and their screen goes white. Next, it shows them what exactly they have “stepped on” and greater details, such as how much it cost to arm the device and how much it would cost to disarm the device. The ad continues to show multiple individuals “detonating” different landmines and their reactions to each one and the information they read as the continue on. It shows peoples’ reactions as they realize that these sorts of landmines kill anyone and everyone. The last stated phrase is, “You are surrounded by landmines.” Then it proceeds to talk about a donation campaign where you text the word ‘DEMINE’ to the number 27722 in order to donate $5. “Help us rid the world of landmines and unexploded ordnance.” UNMAS is the acronym that is last seen before the commercial ends, which stands for United Nations Mine Action Service.

The feeling of greater threat and concern over landmines throughout the world. Most people don’t think anything about there potentially being a landmine anywhere near them. At least, not in most of America. The issue is there are so many countries throughout the world that, due to so many wars, there are landmines left scattered all over the place and no one wants to do anything about them because, one, it’s dangerous, but the other issue is that it will cost a lot more money. The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness about this issue that so many other countries face and to help raise funds in order to help resolve these issues.

This is another ad where I feel like it was striving for anyone that was willing to listen to what needed to be said and acknowledged. It is hard to make a difference or a change in the world if no one else knows about what you are trying to accomplish. Especially when it is on such a large scale. The ad wants listeners to care about this cause, enough to make a $5 donation to help remove landmines from countries throughout the world. What drives the viewer the most is knowing so much more and making it more personal by stating that, if there were a landmine in New York, that everything within the city would stop until that landmine was taken care of.

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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#4)

#4 Celem/Women’s European Lobby

Ad: Abortion Travel

The ad starts with the question, “Can one idea change an unjust law?” and proceeds to a clip of members of the Spanish government heading to a meeting on the 20th of December 2013 to discuss a reform on the existing abortion law, which would end up making it one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. She (the commentator) continues on to say that this change would stand, even in cases where the fetus was horribly malformed. The media debated on how to feel about the whole situation and, as a whole, “denounced their actions as an ‘abuse of power.” Women from all over Spain protested, but nothing seemed to be changing. So then a group decided to prove a point about what exactly would happen if the change were to be made; the consequences, to be exact. They formed an abortion travel agency “the travel agency that should never exist.” News stations even covered it. There was a storefront put into place so that women could go there to figure out which country they should travel to, in order to seek their safe abortion. They could determine which flight they wanted to take, where they wanted to stay, etc. all through this travel agency. They even set up a website where they could find the same information. There was a petition that thousands signed, news and media outlets covered it all over the world, they brought in 1 million Euros, and reached over 38 million people worldwide. Which, they actually were able to get the attention of the Spanish Congress, resulting in the ruling party to reopen and rethinking even pushing for this change of the law and by the 23rd of September 2014, the minister who pushed for this change resigned and it was never pursued after that. Then the ad finishes out by saying, “Sometimes ideas can help change laws. This one did.”

This ad is more of shock in a depressing/frightening way. I guess scary would probably be the better word for it. The fact that it took such a drastic action by such a courageous group to prevent such a misstep in justice and law from happening, that is what terrifies me the most. The purpose of this ad is to show that, even in horrific times, the most drastic and creative ideas can make the greatest differences in the world. The purpose of this ad was to show a collective of everything that happened in this span of time where this change of law was potentially going on. Since this ad is after the fact of its subject matter, it isn’t specifically about the events that it is covering. It is about the idea that made the difference. It is about how having different ideas and acting upon them can be the best for the greater good. The idea of showing the country of Spain, and the world, what would happen if the law had been altered, by establishing an Abortion Travel Agency, that is a fairly radical idea, but it is deeply moving and significant.

The target market of the ad is for anyone that will listen, honestly. Anyone could use to learn about what almost happened in Spain and what did happen in Spain that prevented what almost happened. The ad wants the viewer to not be afraid to go after the drastic ideas if they feel that they will make that greater difference that is needed to prove the point to everyone else in the world, such as establishing an Abortion Travel Agency “the travel agency that should never exist.”

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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#3)

#3 Daimler AG, MBD, smart/smart forfour

Ad: Swearing Kids

This ad starts with a parental advisory due to explicit language. Then it progresses with showing clips of small children saying some phrase or a slew of curse words that, one can assume, they have learned from a parent. The last child they show a clip of, after she says, “for f***s sake,” her father asks, “who taught you to say that?” and she smiles, points at him and says, “You.” Next, it changes to a white screen with text that says, “When you drive the wrong car you teach the wrong words.” Then a clip of an SUV and a small parking space, the driver stops really quick and says, “Aw for f***s sake,” and drives off. The next clip is a small, smart car successfully parking in a small space with no problem at all.

The purpose of the ad was to, one, shock people with hearing small children say such “nasty” phrases that are viewed as extremely inappropriate for individuals their age to say. Two, there is a bit of humor to it because you cannot help but laugh when you hear some of them say what they have learned from the adults in their lives. Overall, though, the purpose of the ad was to convince drivers that, rather than dealing with the hassle of a larger vehicle and small parking spaces, get a smart forfour and avoid all of the frustration and prevent your children from learning “naughty” language.

The target market for this ad, I feel, would be anyone old enough to drive and/or purchase a vehicle. They are obviously not advertising to young children, but trying to speak to the parents of the children to show them that, “hey, maybe you have had an incident like this where your child has suddenly said a word or phrase that they have heard you say in the heat of the moment, so avoid that happening again by purchasing this car we’re advertising.” They want the viewer to purchase a smart forfour and the gain from doing so will be your children not repeating your awful curse words whenever it comes to their mind.

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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#2)

#2 Volvo Trucks

Ad: Look Who’s Driving

This advertisement starts by introducing Sophie Turner, probably around the age of seven) as the test driver. She starts off by describing the simple aspects of what she will be doing, “Left and right. Back and forward.” While she is talking, there are quick glimpses at the track that she will be driving through. She walks up the stairs of the stand (the safest place for her to be) surrounded by adults. Once at the top, she is handed a huge remote control, that resembles a controller for a remote controlled toy boat that could be used in a swimming pool, except much, much bigger. Then she proceeds to start moving her vehicle around the course, which is a huge dump truck style vehicle. Within a few seconds of her moving the truck, the front end is hit with a wooden crate that is being swung by a crane. Sophie pauses for a second but then continues on with her duty of testing this truck out. She grinds the axels and the undercarriage of this truck, drives over fireworks that explode underneath it, drives through a decent size pond, completely rolls the truck down a steep hill (somehow it lands back on its tires), and then runs it through a building that is partially constructed using cinder blocks. Plus, she finishes off by having the truck to donuts in a roundabout area. Surprisingly enough, the truck comes out in fine shape and in running condition, which was much to my amazement. Then the ad proceeds to talk about the Volvo FMX, saying it is the toughest truck they have ever made and it now has Automatic Traction Control. Plus, it then reassures viewers that this commercial was, indeed, done by professionals in a closed off area and the track had been completely cleared of all lifeforms before Sophie took to the controls and ran the truck through.

I believe the purpose of this ad was to show just how tough this truck actually is and, what better way to prove that, than by having a small child drive this truck through, essentially, an obstacle course. Plus, they can show off the Automatic Traction Control with her driving through a pond and running donuts in a dirt lot. I think the shock factor was a fairly big aspect of this commercial. I can honestly say, as I watched it, my jaw sort of dropped because of everything that was happening to the truck. That and astonishment over how well it handled everything.

The target market for this ad would be anyone needing a dump truck style vehicle that they will be putting through a lot of nonsense. So anyone in construction, rubble/waste removal, etc.

Through this ad, they want the viewer to consider buying a Volvo FMX with Automatic Traction Control because it is a super tough vehicle that can handle just about anything that is thrown at it, even with a young child in control. The reason the viewer will be drawn to purchase this vehicle because of this ad is due to the fact that they can watch Sophie driving this truck and everything that she puts it through (whether that’s intentional or not). It reflects on just how tough the vehicle really is.

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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#1)

#1 Cole Haan

Ad: “Chelsea Pump Campaign” 

The commercial starts with text talking about the new Chelsea Pumps by Cole Haan and how they had been perceived as being for moms. Then you meet Peppermint, a New York City Drag Queen, who proceeds to tell us why Chelsea Pumps by Cole Haan are not just for moms. Then the theme of the commercial progresses to the hashtag #DontGoHome and several different reasons as to why you should remain out later in New York City. After showing many different ones, they revealed there was a special treat for those that chose to stay out later on into the evening in New York City. There were several different performances from a couple of groups, some featuring Drag Queens wearing Chelsea Pumps. Next, they shared that they had a food truck available providing free grilled cheese sandwiches for anyone who’d stayed out late. Plus, Peppermint and the other Drag Queens were there to represent and advertise Chelsea Pumps as pumps not just for moms! And, as stated in the commercial, “By the end of the #DontGoHome campaign, our impressions reach 36 million,” which means that their campaign was a huge success.

For this ad, they used a little bit of humor, but at the same time sparked quite a bit of interest and curiosity in all participants. They also helped them stave off hunger, for those who chose to stay out late, by providing free grilled cheese sandwiches. The goal of this campaign was to increase awareness about Chelsea Pumps by Cole Haan and to increase the number of purchases made by younger women (over the age of 18). So, they were also striving to increase their number of sales. The campaign itself was time specific, but increasing sales can continue on beyond the campaign as long as views on Chelsea Pumps were changed to be seen as pumps not just for moms.

The target market was younger women, at least 18 years of age. Cole Haan already had a good connection with older women and their products. The goal of the #DontGoHome Campaign was to change younger women’s impressions of the Chelsea Pumps.

The ad wants viewers to purchase a pair of Chelsea Pumps because they are not just for your mother. Plus, they are the perfect shoes for staying out late and adventuring through cities, like New York City. As a way to convince buyers that Cole Haan’s Chelsea Pumps are best suited for staying out late in the city (#DontGoHome), they had Drag Queens strut their stuff and perform in these specific pumps. Then they had a food truck with free grilled cheeses and a display of these exact pumps that were being performed in.

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ENT 610 – Week 2 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Radio Ad Analysis

Combos – Zesty Salsa Tortilla Combos

Ad: “Broken Heart”

The ad starts out talking about Combos being the manly sort of snack that is also a comfort in the respects of love, whether it is motherly love or a relationship. Pizzeria Pretzel Combos is the flavor it first talks about, but it progresses on by saying you have caught this flavor with your best friend, which leaves you betrayed. Instead of being completely left in the dust, you can always move on to another, newer flavor, such as Zesty Salsa Tortilla Combos. Essentially, the overall message (other than moving on and trying a new flavor) is Combos is the manly version of motherly comfort. The ad itself is fairly humorous. When you first listen to it, it comes across as extremely bizarre, but once you grasp what it is describing, laughing about it is hard not to do. It plays relationship betrayal off in a humorous manner.

I believe the purpose of this ad is to get customers interested in trying a completely new flavor from the [previously new] flavor that they have already come to know and love. So playing it off in the way of this previous flavor has cheated, it is time to move on. So targeting a market of individuals that may, or may not, be single. Then going as far as describing a situation where they have been betrayed by someone close, which could potentially get them interested in trying the new product immediately. The ad wants the consumer to move on from the previous flavor so that they will “form a new relationship” by trying this new, completely different flavor. Basically, by purchasing this new flavor of Combos, the individual will be that much happier than they were in their previous “relationship” with the other flavor.


Shorewest Realty Company

Ad: “Left – Right”

This ad is discussing what Shorewest Realty Company’s agents are best at, whether it is finding you a home to buy and/or selling your current home. So, in a clever way, they describe both finding and selling through Shorewest Realty Company. They have two sound clips that run at the same time, before running them, they instruct the listener to switch their speakers to the right if they are looking to sell. While the listener looking to buy is instructed to switch their speakers to the left. Then the ad proceeds with the two sound clips speaking at once. There are some slight differences in what they are saying, but overall they have many similarities. Which is what the ad is striving for. This ad wants to show that the agents at Shorewest Realty Company are qualified and capable of both selling your home and helping you find a new one. It depicts that the processes have a multitude of similarities when working with their company.

The goal of this ad was to inform the listener that Shorewest Realty agents are the best for helping you find a new home and selling your current one. The target market for this ad is anyone looking to buy or sell a home, so it is not really age specific. Basically, the ad wants the listener to know, and take advantage of, the fact that they can achieve both goals [of buying and selling] with Shorewest Realty. That way the individual does not have to consider two different agencies, they can stick to just working with one.


Orkin Pest Control

Ad: “Mosquito Insanity”

The ad starts with describing the aftermath when you realize that you have been bitten by a mosquito. The awful itching and the urge to constantly scratch. The immediate regret after obsessive scratching and the realization that it now looks awful, but it still will not stop itching. So you try to fool yourself into thinking you are scratching, then distractions, but nothing works. Then it takes it to an extreme level of you being curled up in a ball freaking out, realizing that you should have called Orkin Pest Control in the beginning in order to have prevented this awful situation. Essentially, this ad is threatening you with the situation they describe, in the beginning of the ad, if you choose to not use Orkin Pest Control. No one likes mosquito bites and everyone hates the itching that comes with them, so why not contact Orkin? At the same time, though, the situation depicted is fairly humorous because we can all imagine ourselves having felt similar to that at some point in our lives after being bitten by a mosquito.

The job of this ad is to sell the services of Orkin Pest Control; to convince consumers that Orkin is the route to go. The target market is anyone that has a property of their own that may run into the issue of mosquitos. The ad wants consumers to take advantage of Orkin’s services to prevent mosquitos wreaking havoc upon their home and family. If you use Orkin Pest Control, then you will not have to go through the constant itchy feeling and the obsessive desire to scratch.


P&G Bounty

Ad: “Battle”

This ad is very amusing. It can be viewed as chanting, battle cries, and random sounds that, eventually, turn into words. As the title suggests, it is a battle between many foods and beverages that are all known for making a mess. The contender is P&G Bounty paper towels to wipe away the mess of the competition. The ad will definitely give the listener a chuckle. Bounty is stated to be the best competitor to handle it all.

The purpose of this ad is to get the listener to make a personal connection with, at least, one of the foods/beverages mentioned that have created wonderful messes in their life, and tell them that there is no better option than Bounty paper towels. The target market is, honestly, anyone that is prone to having messes in their lives. Whether that is due to clumsiness, children, guests, animals, etc., you will obviously need these paper towels in your life because of the potential mess in your future. The ad wants the listener to purchase Bounty paper towel products and not their competitors’ products. As I previously mentioned, the reason people will be driven to purchase this product is due to probably having dealt with some mess that was a result of one of the many foods/beverages mentioned throughout the advertisement.

Ad: “Auction”

This ad is fairly blunt, which it should when considering the topic. It is styled to be like an auction, but the currency that is being used for the purchases are all body parts of poached, endangered animals. The product being purchased? Weapons. Weapons of mass destruction, essentially. The purpose of the ad is to make people care more. Everyone is generally afraid of terrorism. Not everyone is quite as concerned about animal poaching since they tend to view it as something that does not directly impact their modern day society. This ad strives to get the point across that people use poached animals as a means to purchase such weapons, which generally results in acts of terrorism. is arguing that if we strive to save and protect the lives of these animals from poachers, then we can also protect the lives of people around the world from terrorism. The goal of this ad is to make people more aware, to get them to care that much more, and get them involved in helping with the solution to this problem.

The target market of this ad is the general population. Anyone within the world that cares about what happens and wants to make some kind of change/difference. The specific drive that I see coming from this is the fact that the ad is pretty successful at connecting animal poaching and terrorism together. Yes, that is not the only contributor to terrorism, but it is one. So if this ad, by making that connection known, is able to make a difference in a handful of people, then it is helping make the changes necessary to solve this problem.

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Change Week 8 Reflection (2/24/2017)

As a final, sort of, look at Think Like a Futurist, there is a topic that Cecily Sommers mentions and talks about. She talks about change. How to work towards effecting change, especially in places that seem to run and hide from it. She argues that change is not necessarily overthrowing and changing everything that we already know, but that it should be a way of thinking about something differently. “This means that to truly effect change in your world, you must design it to work with the system as it is.” (Sommers, 2012, p. 204).

Nowadays it seems people would prefer to either stick with what is not obviously working or they would prefer to dismantle what already exists completely, in response to a demand for change, and try to start completely new. When discussing a newly purchased home, it is as if people are complaining about the wallpaper, the appliances it came with, and the shape the roof is in and, rather than work on slowly replacing each of them with something new and better, they would choose to burn the whole house down to the ground, then try to rebuild it with what is leftover. It is completely illogical for that to be a solution. To see, in so many instances, how people would prefer to destroy something entirely to try and make a new and greater thing, rather than fix the few things that are wrong with what already exists and is fairly all right.

Similar to the Earth, everything that we encounter in our daily lives has a kind of gravity about them. Obviously, it is not the traditional, planetary gravitational pull, but it is a gravity that works against us when wanting to achieve something, like change. That gravity can be the system itself, the culture, the people, etc. It does not matter. Just realize and acknowledge that there will be some sort of gravity working completely against you.

So, again, finding the best way possible to work with what already exists is key. It will help keep the gravity from pulling against you so quickly. Making that slight change to what is already existing and is accepted, will cause a kind of evolution to occur resulting in that gradual change that will be beneficial to everyone. As long as you continue to be persistent and stick with your push for change, it will happen.

“Don’t expect change to be easy. It’s not. But consider the alternative: losing out on opportunities for growth and greatness. If you avoid or ignore change, it will leave you in its wake. Your best option, always, is to choose change.” (Sommers, 2012, p. 204). Fighting for change can be one of the most meaningful purposes one can hold in their lives. Striving and working towards making that difference and, eventually, being able to live in a world where that change exists. That is, to me, one of the most desirable aspects of life that I hope to experience within my lifetime. I want to help make a change in this world.



Sommers, Cecily. Think like a Futurist: Know What Changes, What Doesn’t, and What’s next. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2012. Print.

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Zone of Discovery Week 7 Reflection (2/23/2017)

Throughout Think Like A Futurist by Cecily Sommers she always comes back to mentioning or referencing the ZoD or the Zone of Discovery. For any successful business wishing to stay relevant in order to progress into the future, a Zone of Discovery is highly recommended. But what exactly is this “Zone of Discovery”, one might ask? Well, let’s talk about that.

In two previous posts, I discussed some topics that tie in with the Zone of Discovery. One of them is the left brain, right brain, left brain thought process and the second is the 5 Percent Rule. The 5 Percent Rule relates to the amount of your regular, busy work schedule and resources, should be dedicated to creative, out of the box, thinking. Just five percent of your time, resources, and space. Then, the right brain portion [of left, right, left] is generally worked on in the space created by the 5 Percent Rule, which is the Zone of Discovery.

This space can be a bulletin board, a wall, an office space, or an entire room. Again, it all comes down to what five percent is for you and your business. For a large company five percent could be an entire room loaded with computers and imagery. While, for a tiny business, five percent may be something as simple as a bulletin board of some kind meant for anyone to come and pin/post ideas or suggestions that they have in mind.

Time wise, for individuals in a much larger work setting, five percent of their, general, forty-hour work week would be two hours. To dedicate two hours of your usual work week is all that is needed for the continuation of your creative flow. It will allow you to continue and stay on top of your usual work, but you will also be helping with developing new ideas because of the two hours dedicated to creative thinking each week. For a smaller business, dedicating two hours each week is also to be considered since they will also, technically, have forty-hour work weeks.

When it comes to resources, it can be anything from just papers and pens to computers, projectors, and printers. Essentially it comes down to what exactly it is that you have available and can spare for an open and creative thinking environment. The Zone of Discovery is a space that is meant to be open and available to anyone that feels that they have a thought or idea that could potentially benefit the future of the business itself. Whether the idea is for a new product or if it is an idea for solving a problem that the business is having, such as which direction the company should go in. These are all things that can be worked on and developed within the space that is meant for creative thinking.

Cecily Sommers will highly recommend establishing some form of Zone of Discovery to anyone that comes to her, or her business, seeking her help. It is all a part of the process for thinking more “like a futurist” and progressing their business into the future.

With your own personal business, what would you establish as your Zone of Discovery?