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Two Questions Week 5 Reflection (2/12/2017)

Throughout Think Like A Futurist by Cecily Sommers, she discusses many different aspects of business. She specializes in assisting businesses with reaching their goals, but also progressing forward into the future versus getting suck in the present (Permanent Presentism) and eventually becoming irrelevant to the world around them

Individuals and businesses can hire her to help them determine and figure out what needs to happen next. She also holds workshops/classes to serve the same purpose, but in a group setting. There are many factors that apply and come into play when it comes to how she works individuals and businesses through making improvements. But there are two questions that are vital, that she helps guide individuals and businesses towards addressing and answering. Those two questions? They are, “Who are you?” and, “Where are you going?” These questions seem fairly simple to address, but they are far more complex than that.

Within life, we set out on our own paths to believing we have a complete understanding of those two questions. We believe that we always have a full understanding of ourselves and where we are striving to go. I feel that, in many instances, the same can be said by business owners, for their businesses, regardless of whether or not that is true. When starting something new, we generally have a set goal in mind. But what happens five? ten? fifteen? Twenty years down the line? What has changed within the business in that time? All of that matters because it all plays a part in the future of the business. The reason all of that matters is because it all comes back to whether or not the business is still holding true to its goals and what it represents.

As time goes on, sometimes that initial vision and goal can become lost along the way. That is why it is important to every now and then address the questions of, “Who are you?” and, “Where are you going?” Thinking back to when the business was initially started and addressing the question of, are those points still being addressed today? Think about the current core beliefs that are held by your business. Then thing of what the core beliefs were when the business was first established. Do they match up? If not, what are the differences? In order to move into the future successfully (for survival), determining what should change and the goals to strive towards is what must happen next.

Personally, I completely agree that those two questions really are some of the most important to cover and come back to over the course of however long one chooses to have a business. Though I may not have an exact concept in mind for whatever business I may choose to pursue in the future, I do know that I hope to create one that will give back to the community as much as it is able too.

Cecily Sommers addresses many points throughout her book and uses many great examples from her experiences working with business owners. I felt that these two questions would be the best to talk about this time around. So, until next time, who are you? And where are you going?

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3 thoughts on “Two Questions Week 5 Reflection (2/12/2017)

  1. “Who are you?” and “Where are you going?” What great questions! The alignments are, as you point out, critical for entrepreneurs. It seems that these might change over time as the entrepreneur and the business evolves.

    Do you think these questions should be revisited regularly? If so, with what frequency?

    1. Based on what Cecily Sommers describes throughout her book, Think Like a Futurist, she is working with individuals who are running fairly successful businesses but have run into some kind of challenge. Whether that be unsure as to which direction to go in, facing the reality of potentially becoming obsolete [unless able to adapt to change in some way], or are presented with the potential of taking on something new and are unsure as to how to become a part of it all. So, based on what I read and my personal understanding of it all, I would say it is a good idea to sit down and address these questions every few years or so. That, or anytime you and/or your business feel lost and are uncertain as to whether or not you are continuing on in the direction you had initially set out for. So, I guess, the frequency can also depend on how rapidly your business is changing.

  2. Those are two big questions, for sure. I read recently where Tim Ferriss was interviewing someone, and that guy recommended that along with asking yourself where you want to be in ten years, what would you want to tell your ten-year older self if you could? Thanks for sharing.

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