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5 Percent Rule Week 6 Reflection (2/18/2017)

All throughout Think Like A Futurist, Cecily Sommers discusses many points, along with creates several different terms that apply to the process of how she helps businesses develop changes for moving into the future. One of those many terms discussed, is the 5 Percent Rule.

In order for a business to move forward into the future and continue to succeed, strategic changes and/or new projects and ideas need to be determined in order to do just that. As I talked about in a previous post, in order to progress forward successfully into the future as a business, being able to work through ideas and concepts by going from left brain thinking, to right brain thinking, and then back to left brain, that is ideal. The questions that need to be addressed at this point are: How do you get a left brain oriented business to open up to right brain thinking? Then, once right brain thinking has been achieved, how much should be implemented?

Generally, in order to really achieve thoughts and ideas that are new to the business, and its environment, one must create and experience new things. Whether that is by bringing in an outside individual that has a completely different perspective. Or, the other option, comes down to allowing individuals from within the business to go and experience new concepts and ideas. Whether that is through a class, workshop, or a conference is really up to the individuals participating, along with what is available at that time and what would be the most beneficial to the group as a whole.

Once new influences and experiences have been achieved, in order to help aid right brain thinking, it is time to address the next question: How much of that “new” right brain thinking should be utilized within the business setting? The answer to that question is the 5 Percent Rule.

In many instances convincing an environment to dedicate a portion of their efforts towards, essentially, a “risky” new element, will basically be perceived as just that: a risk. Convincing anyone in a professional setting that any sort of two-digit percentage as what will be necessary in order to make the changes happen, is setting oneself up for failure. Humans have proven that they generally do not like or accept change (I know I struggle with it at times). Generally, it must be a slow implementation of change for it to be accepted fairly quickly. Change too rapidly, there can be quite a bit of kick back. Permanent Presentism is the culprit for that one (not wanting to accept and move beyond what is already known, fairly reliable, and trusted). Which is why the 5 Percent Rule exists. This rule also applies to time and resources spent on the project itself. It helps in managing short-term and long-term projects. The 5 Percent Rule is meant to guide one when it comes to time spent. Only spending five percent on thinking about new concepts and then dedicating the rest of the time to progressing the business forward into the future with these new concepts.


Please share what thoughts you have. I will continue on in my next post.

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