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Change Week 8 Reflection (2/24/2017)

As a final, sort of, look at Think Like a Futurist, there is a topic that Cecily Sommers mentions and talks about. She talks about change. How to work towards effecting change, especially in places that seem to run and hide from it. She argues that change is not necessarily overthrowing and changing everything that we already know, but that it should be a way of thinking about something differently. “This means that to truly effect change in your world, you must design it to work with the system as it is.” (Sommers, 2012, p. 204).

Nowadays it seems people would prefer to either stick with what is not obviously working or they would prefer to dismantle what already exists completely, in response to a demand for change, and try to start completely new. When discussing a newly purchased home, it is as if people are complaining about the wallpaper, the appliances it came with, and the shape the roof is in and, rather than work on slowly replacing each of them with something new and better, they would choose to burn the whole house down to the ground, then try to rebuild it with what is leftover. It is completely illogical for that to be a solution. To see, in so many instances, how people would prefer to destroy something entirely to try and make a new and greater thing, rather than fix the few things that are wrong with what already exists and is fairly all right.

Similar to the Earth, everything that we encounter in our daily lives has a kind of gravity about them. Obviously, it is not the traditional, planetary gravitational pull, but it is a gravity that works against us when wanting to achieve something, like change. That gravity can be the system itself, the culture, the people, etc. It does not matter. Just realize and acknowledge that there will be some sort of gravity working completely against you.

So, again, finding the best way possible to work with what already exists is key. It will help keep the gravity from pulling against you so quickly. Making that slight change to what is already existing and is accepted, will cause a kind of evolution to occur resulting in that gradual change that will be beneficial to everyone. As long as you continue to be persistent and stick with your push for change, it will happen.

“Don’t expect change to be easy. It’s not. But consider the alternative: losing out on opportunities for growth and greatness. If you avoid or ignore change, it will leave you in its wake. Your best option, always, is to choose change.” (Sommers, 2012, p. 204). Fighting for change can be one of the most meaningful purposes one can hold in their lives. Striving and working towards making that difference and, eventually, being able to live in a world where that change exists. That is, to me, one of the most desirable aspects of life that I hope to experience within my lifetime. I want to help make a change in this world.



Sommers, Cecily. Think like a Futurist: Know What Changes, What Doesn’t, and What’s next. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2012. Print.

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