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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#1)

#1 Cole Haan

Ad: “Chelsea Pump Campaign” 

The commercial starts with text talking about the new Chelsea Pumps by Cole Haan and how they had been perceived as being for moms. Then you meet Peppermint, a New York City Drag Queen, who proceeds to tell us why Chelsea Pumps by Cole Haan are not just for moms. Then the theme of the commercial progresses to the hashtag #DontGoHome and several different reasons as to why you should remain out later in New York City. After showing many different ones, they revealed there was a special treat for those that chose to stay out later on into the evening in New York City. There were several different performances from a couple of groups, some featuring Drag Queens wearing Chelsea Pumps. Next, they shared that they had a food truck available providing free grilled cheese sandwiches for anyone who’d stayed out late. Plus, Peppermint and the other Drag Queens were there to represent and advertise Chelsea Pumps as pumps not just for moms! And, as stated in the commercial, “By the end of the #DontGoHome campaign, our impressions reach 36 million,” which means that their campaign was a huge success.

For this ad, they used a little bit of humor, but at the same time sparked quite a bit of interest and curiosity in all participants. They also helped them stave off hunger, for those who chose to stay out late, by providing free grilled cheese sandwiches. The goal of this campaign was to increase awareness about Chelsea Pumps by Cole Haan and to increase the number of purchases made by younger women (over the age of 18). So, they were also striving to increase their number of sales. The campaign itself was time specific, but increasing sales can continue on beyond the campaign as long as views on Chelsea Pumps were changed to be seen as pumps not just for moms.

The target market was younger women, at least 18 years of age. Cole Haan already had a good connection with older women and their products. The goal of the #DontGoHome Campaign was to change younger women’s impressions of the Chelsea Pumps.

The ad wants viewers to purchase a pair of Chelsea Pumps because they are not just for your mother. Plus, they are the perfect shoes for staying out late and adventuring through cities, like New York City. As a way to convince buyers that Cole Haan’s Chelsea Pumps are best suited for staying out late in the city (#DontGoHome), they had Drag Queens strut their stuff and perform in these specific pumps. Then they had a food truck with free grilled cheeses and a display of these exact pumps that were being performed in.

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