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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#2)

#2 Volvo Trucks

Ad: Look Who’s Driving

This advertisement starts by introducing Sophie Turner, probably around the age of seven) as the test driver. She starts off by describing the simple aspects of what she will be doing, “Left and right. Back and forward.” While she is talking, there are quick glimpses at the track that she will be driving through. She walks up the stairs of the stand (the safest place for her to be) surrounded by adults. Once at the top, she is handed a huge remote control, that resembles a controller for a remote controlled toy boat that could be used in a swimming pool, except much, much bigger. Then she proceeds to start moving her vehicle around the course, which is a huge dump truck style vehicle. Within a few seconds of her moving the truck, the front end is hit with a wooden crate that is being swung by a crane. Sophie pauses for a second but then continues on with her duty of testing this truck out. She grinds the axels and the undercarriage of this truck, drives over fireworks that explode underneath it, drives through a decent size pond, completely rolls the truck down a steep hill (somehow it lands back on its tires), and then runs it through a building that is partially constructed using cinder blocks. Plus, she finishes off by having the truck to donuts in a roundabout area. Surprisingly enough, the truck comes out in fine shape and in running condition, which was much to my amazement. Then the ad proceeds to talk about the Volvo FMX, saying it is the toughest truck they have ever made and it now has Automatic Traction Control. Plus, it then reassures viewers that this commercial was, indeed, done by professionals in a closed off area and the track had been completely cleared of all lifeforms before Sophie took to the controls and ran the truck through.

I believe the purpose of this ad was to show just how tough this truck actually is and, what better way to prove that, than by having a small child drive this truck through, essentially, an obstacle course. Plus, they can show off the Automatic Traction Control with her driving through a pond and running donuts in a dirt lot. I think the shock factor was a fairly big aspect of this commercial. I can honestly say, as I watched it, my jaw sort of dropped because of everything that was happening to the truck. That and astonishment over how well it handled everything.

The target market for this ad would be anyone needing a dump truck style vehicle that they will be putting through a lot of nonsense. So anyone in construction, rubble/waste removal, etc.

Through this ad, they want the viewer to consider buying a Volvo FMX with Automatic Traction Control because it is a super tough vehicle that can handle just about anything that is thrown at it, even with a young child in control. The reason the viewer will be drawn to purchase this vehicle because of this ad is due to the fact that they can watch Sophie driving this truck and everything that she puts it through (whether that’s intentional or not). It reflects on just how tough the vehicle really is.

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