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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#3)

#3 Daimler AG, MBD, smart/smart forfour

Ad: Swearing Kids

This ad starts with a parental advisory due to explicit language. Then it progresses with showing clips of small children saying some phrase or a slew of curse words that, one can assume, they have learned from a parent. The last child they show a clip of, after she says, “for f***s sake,” her father asks, “who taught you to say that?” and she smiles, points at him and says, “You.” Next, it changes to a white screen with text that says, “When you drive the wrong car you teach the wrong words.” Then a clip of an SUV and a small parking space, the driver stops really quick and says, “Aw for f***s sake,” and drives off. The next clip is a small, smart car successfully parking in a small space with no problem at all.

The purpose of the ad was to, one, shock people with hearing small children say such “nasty” phrases that are viewed as extremely inappropriate for individuals their age to say. Two, there is a bit of humor to it because you cannot help but laugh when you hear some of them say what they have learned from the adults in their lives. Overall, though, the purpose of the ad was to convince drivers that, rather than dealing with the hassle of a larger vehicle and small parking spaces, get a smart forfour and avoid all of the frustration and prevent your children from learning “naughty” language.

The target market for this ad, I feel, would be anyone old enough to drive and/or purchase a vehicle. They are obviously not advertising to young children, but trying to speak to the parents of the children to show them that, “hey, maybe you have had an incident like this where your child has suddenly said a word or phrase that they have heard you say in the heat of the moment, so avoid that happening again by purchasing this car we’re advertising.” They want the viewer to purchase a smart forfour and the gain from doing so will be your children not repeating your awful curse words whenever it comes to their mind.

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