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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#4)

#4 Celem/Women’s European Lobby

Ad: Abortion Travel

The ad starts with the question, “Can one idea change an unjust law?” and proceeds to a clip of members of the Spanish government heading to a meeting on the 20th of December 2013 to discuss a reform on the existing abortion law, which would end up making it one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. She (the commentator) continues on to say that this change would stand, even in cases where the fetus was horribly malformed. The media debated on how to feel about the whole situation and, as a whole, “denounced their actions as an ‘abuse of power.” Women from all over Spain protested, but nothing seemed to be changing. So then a group decided to prove a point about what exactly would happen if the change were to be made; the consequences, to be exact. They formed an abortion travel agency “the travel agency that should never exist.” News stations even covered it. There was a storefront put into place so that women could go there to figure out which country they should travel to, in order to seek their safe abortion. They could determine which flight they wanted to take, where they wanted to stay, etc. all through this travel agency. They even set up a website where they could find the same information. There was a petition that thousands signed, news and media outlets covered it all over the world, they brought in 1 million Euros, and reached over 38 million people worldwide. Which, they actually were able to get the attention of the Spanish Congress, resulting in the ruling party to reopen and rethinking even pushing for this change of the law and by the 23rd of September 2014, the minister who pushed for this change resigned and it was never pursued after that. Then the ad finishes out by saying, “Sometimes ideas can help change laws. This one did.”

This ad is more of shock in a depressing/frightening way. I guess scary would probably be the better word for it. The fact that it took such a drastic action by such a courageous group to prevent such a misstep in justice and law from happening, that is what terrifies me the most. The purpose of this ad is to show that, even in horrific times, the most drastic and creative ideas can make the greatest differences in the world. The purpose of this ad was to show a collective of everything that happened in this span of time where this change of law was potentially going on. Since this ad is after the fact of its subject matter, it isn’t specifically about the events that it is covering. It is about the idea that made the difference. It is about how having different ideas and acting upon them can be the best for the greater good. The idea of showing the country of Spain, and the world, what would happen if the law had been altered, by establishing an Abortion Travel Agency, that is a fairly radical idea, but it is deeply moving and significant.

The target market of the ad is for anyone that will listen, honestly. Anyone could use to learn about what almost happened in Spain and what did happen in Spain that prevented what almost happened. The ad wants the viewer to not be afraid to go after the drastic ideas if they feel that they will make that greater difference that is needed to prove the point to everyone else in the world, such as establishing an Abortion Travel Agency “the travel agency that should never exist.”

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