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ENT 610 – Week 3 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five TV Ad Analysis (#5)

 United Nations Mine Action Service

Ad: Sweeper

The advertisement starts with stating, “Landmines are a very real danger for millions worldwide.” Then it proceeds to show video of explosions, survivors with prosthetics, recovery efforts made by individuals of landmines, all with a white outline of their country and their country’s name. It starts out slowly moving through each clip to jumping through them. Then it states, “If there was just one land mine in New York, the city would come to a standstill,” Marco Grob’. Then it jumps to a clip of New York City and segments of a gallery/museum space. So they set up a functional space with landmines throughout it and opened it up to the public. Made it “fun” by creating it to be an interactive environment where using (I believe) their phone [with an app] and wearing headphones is completely acceptable. They select the App ‘Sweeper’ and proceed to walk throughout the gallery space. As they walk about, when they get “on top of” a landmine, they hear an explosion through their headset and their screen goes white. Next, it shows them what exactly they have “stepped on” and greater details, such as how much it cost to arm the device and how much it would cost to disarm the device. The ad continues to show multiple individuals “detonating” different landmines and their reactions to each one and the information they read as the continue on. It shows peoples’ reactions as they realize that these sorts of landmines kill anyone and everyone. The last stated phrase is, “You are surrounded by landmines.” Then it proceeds to talk about a donation campaign where you text the word ‘DEMINE’ to the number 27722 in order to donate $5. “Help us rid the world of landmines and unexploded ordnance.” UNMAS is the acronym that is last seen before the commercial ends, which stands for United Nations Mine Action Service.

The feeling of greater threat and concern over landmines throughout the world. Most people don’t think anything about there potentially being a landmine anywhere near them. At least, not in most of America. The issue is there are so many countries throughout the world that, due to so many wars, there are landmines left scattered all over the place and no one wants to do anything about them because, one, it’s dangerous, but the other issue is that it will cost a lot more money. The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness about this issue that so many other countries face and to help raise funds in order to help resolve these issues.

This is another ad where I feel like it was striving for anyone that was willing to listen to what needed to be said and acknowledged. It is hard to make a difference or a change in the world if no one else knows about what you are trying to accomplish. Especially when it is on such a large scale. The ad wants listeners to care about this cause, enough to make a $5 donation to help remove landmines from countries throughout the world. What drives the viewer the most is knowing so much more and making it more personal by stating that, if there were a landmine in New York, that everything within the city would stop until that landmine was taken care of.

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