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ENT 610 – Week 4 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Newspaper Ads (1-3)

The New Zealand Herald

Ad: “Nobody Gets Closer…”

I chose to focus on a series of four ads for my first one for the Newspaper Ads. Why? because how can I analyze just one of these four, when they are essentially a series. Throughout all four ads, it is the same man. First, he looks like a normal individual. The second ad, he has a black eye and it is swollen shut. By the third ad he’s smiling, revealing that, not only does he have a black eye, he also is missing quite a few teeth. The final ad, the fourth one, he’s missing another tooth and his ears are sticking out and look slightly torn. The caption below all of them says, “Nobody gets closer to World Cup Rugby.” This ad reflects that this particular rugby team in New Zealand is tough and extremely good, which is why they are able to make it to the World Cup Rugby. The goal of these advertisements, I feel, are to spark humor, to create interest, and to build pride. By doing a series of ads, subscribers will notice the slight changes in this man’s appearance. Anyone that isn’t a subscriber, and only sees one ad, the point will still come across fairly successfully. The humor comes from seeing the man’s appearance change and him going from a straight face, to a big, toothless grin. The interest is developed based on the caption that The New Zealand Herald created. Then, the pride is based on both aspects of the humor and the interest. The objective is to make people interested in the World Cup Rugby and what the team is achieving.

The target market of the ad is rugby fans and enthusiasts, New Zealanders, and anyone who enjoys a good competition. The ad strives to get people interested in the World Cup Rugby. To go the extra mile, one can argue that supporting the New Zealand team is the overall goal. Having pride in your country is one of the best feelings a person can have and, unfortunately, there isn’t enough of that anymore [not that many have been given enough reasons to be proud].


Lakme Winter Care Lotion

Ad: “Winter Creams”

This ad is fairly straightforward and subtle. This is a mirror image of the same face, but there is one significant difference between the two. The one on the left has newsprint all throughout the skin. At first it looks like the newsprint from the other half of the paper transferred onto the face, but it is one hundred percent intentional. There is no text in the eyes or the lips, it is strictly just on the skin. The face on the right, though, is completely clear. In the bottom right corner of the ad, there is a little bottle of lotion, which is for Winter Creams. The concept of the ad is show that this lotion is great for getting your skin to a point of being completely clear and beautiful. The ad is wanting to create astonishment within the reader/viewer because of the distinct difference between the two faces. The objective of this campaign was to convince people that this lotion is great at removing unwanted aspects of your face, such as wrinkles or text. It is great at clearing up your face.

The target market for this ad is anyone that desires to have greater skin. That, or someone who wishes to keep their skin looking great and wants to avoid it ever looking bad. The ad wants the viewer to consider purchasing this lotion in order to make their skin that much better. If the individual chooses to purchase and use this lotion, they will benefit by having better skin. By seeing the differences in the faces, it should motivate someone enough to purchase this lotion.


National D-Day Museum

Ad: “Hell Had Coordinates”

This ad is referring to a time in World War II where troops were having to deal with horrible situations. When it came to storming the beaches, such as Omaha Beach, it was the worst place to be. So much so, the caption of the ad states, “AT 0630 ON JUNE 6, 1944, THE MEN OF THE 116TH DISCOVERED THAT HELL HAD COORDINATES.” There is an image of a soldier in the water, making his way to, what one can assume, is the shore. There is a description at the top of what all soldiers were facing that day at the beginning of the United States’ role during WWII. I feel that the purpose of this ad is to strike some fear and awe into the viewer/reader. No one should ever take lightly the sacrifices that were made all throughout WWII and never let the memory of those soldiers die out. The image itself is fairly frightful once you understand what exactly was going on that day in that exact image. Awe because of, honestly, the complete and utter amazement one should have when considering everything that those soldiers went through.

I believe the target audience is for those who want to have an understanding of history. Or those do not know that the National D-Day Museum of New Orleans even exists. Or anyone that is an enthusiast and has an appreciation and understanding of what this country has gone through and wants to continue supporting the remembrance of that history. The ad wants the viewer to understand that there was nothing easy, simple, or fun about D-Day.

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