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ENT 610 – Week 4 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Newspaper Ads (4-5)

Newspaper Marketing Agency and Guinness

Ad: Guinness Toucan

This ad depicts the Guinness Toucan proudly displaying a glass of, what one can presume to be, Guinness beer. The Toucan sits atop a weather vane, which is shown to be way above a town. In the sky, above the Toucan’s head, is the text in bold red, “Lovely way to SHOW OFF your brand.” This particular ad is part of a campaign which was done by the Newspaper Marketing Agency. These ads are classics, which are being used to make the argument that these older brands continue to use newspaper ads and marketing successfully and you can too, by looking into the Newspaper Marketing Agency. I mean, there is obviously a science to it all if these brands have been able to make newspapers work for them so very well. There is a blurb of text to the right of the Toucan that reads, “Newspaper advertising. For over 75 years Guinness have used this powerful medium to gain a greater share of voice and stand out in their market.” I feel, by using older ads, part of the goal is to create a feel of nostalgia within any readers because of how classic the overall appearance is. The goal of this campaign was to have a series of different ads, a total of six, to be used to show how successful newspaper advertising has been used throughout the decades and to get people interested in continuing to use this venue for advertising for their own purposes, so they should consider using the Newspaper Marketing Agency for assistance. It is to show that the old advertising markets are still viable and beneficial. Obviously so, considering these older brands still continue to use and see value in newspaper ads. I believe these ads ran for a couple of months, though choosing to use the Newspaper Marketing Agency is always an option, regardless of the ads still running.

The target market for this advertisement is any business or individual(s) seeking avenues for marketing themselves. Whether it be a product, a service, etc., it does not matter because the timelessness and benefit of these ads far exceed anything. This ad wants the viewer to consider contacting and working with the Newspaper Marketing Agency for creating advertisements for their product or business. The viewer will benefit from this action because they will benefit from this advertising venue because these super successful and larger companies have done so well and obviously still see value in it due to their continued use.


Volkswagon and, much later, Newspaper Marketing Agency (this is not the exact one they used, though) 

Ad: Lemon  

The complete image of this advertisement is an older Volkswagon Beetle. Below the image is a segment of text, the title being “Lemon.” Then it proceeds to state that, “This Volkswagen missed the boat. The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished and must be replaced. Chances are you wouldn’t have noticed it; Inspector Kurt Kroner did.” The advertisement continues on to talk about how, “there are 3,389 men,” that work their Wolfsburg factory that are all there for the single purpose of inspecting each and every vehicle at every stage in the production process at this location. They also produce 3,000 vehicles at this particular location on a daily basis and mention how they have more inspectors than vehicles at one time. They continue on to talk about how every aspect is tested and if a standard is not met, then the car is sent back to be worked on until it meets that standard. They finish the advertisement by stating, “We pluck the lemons; you get the plums.” Meaning that they pull the “sour” ones and they make sure you get the nice, sweet ones that are ready to go for you. This, I believe, is the original ad that was published during 1959. It is also one that the Newspaper Marketing Agency chose to include in their campaign, though this is not their exact ad. The goal of this advertisement was to intrigue the viewer/reader into wanting to purchase a Volkswagon due to the manufacturer’s dedication to providing the best quality product and how it is meant to last a good long while. They wanted to get the viewer to have a better understanding of their process, that way an appreciation may be developed.

The target market, I believe, would be anyone of the car driving age or that can afford to buy a car. Someone that needs a new car and is looking to switch brands in the hopes of finding something more reliable. The ad wants the viewer to consider purchasing a “plum” from them because they make sure the buyer isn’t getting any “lemons” and knows that it is a quality product that they will not regret. By expressing to the viewer that there are more inspectors in a Volkswagon factory than there are cars produced in a day, that means that there should be no “lemons” coming out of their production and you will always end up with a quality piece of machinery.

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