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ENT 610 – Week 5 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Magazine Ads (1-3)

Clear Pore Strips 

Ad: Face

This ad is made up primarily of a woman’s face done in Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art. In the top left corner is a small image of the product being advertised, which is Clear Pore Strips. The significance of any of this is Roy Lichtenstein was known for having images loaded with dots. The woman’s skin is covered in these dots, except for a section of her nose which is the point of this ad. Clear Pore Strips will clear out your pores extremely well, don’t believe it, just look at this Lichtenstein style painting! It did an amazing job for her, so it will for you, too. The purpose of this advertisement is to wow and astonish anyone that has concerns over their pores being clogged or “nasty” in any way. Their goal for this advertisement was to convince viewers that this product is really worth purchasing because it will help so much with your pores.

The target market for this ad, I believe, is anyone that is unhappy with the way the pores on their face are. The ad wants the viewer to consider purchasing their product for the benefit of having a clearer looking face.


Mattel/Junior Scrabble

Ad: Building Blocks

“Dear Teacher,

My cranium is splintering from the remorseless reverberations of nursery rhymes. The mindless chanting of alphabets has hemorrhaged my cerebral cortex and diminished my intelligence quotient severely. I beseech you to excuse me for the day before I degenerate into a Neanderthal like you.


The text above is what can be read for this advertisement. It is written with Scrabble tiles/Mattel blocks and is meant to be a young student to a teacher. It is left open-ended as to which teacher exactly it is for, but it is from ‘Dennis’. Essentially, the letter is asking the teacher to forgive them for not wanting to participate in nursery rhymes due to them being trivial, simple, and repetitive in nature. Their wording goes beyond the word structure of the average nursery rhyme. They want to be treated as more mature than they are perceived to be at the age they’re presumably at. Through this advertisement, they most likely wanted to achieve some humor through the words and phrasing of the note from the child, Dennis. We tend to not view children as capable of articulating such large words and phrases. So by articulating it through Scrabble tiles/Mattel blocks, it reflects the age of the child and shows just how intelligent Dennis really is. Through this advertisement, they want people to realize that Mattel blocks and Scrabble are extremely useful to any family, child, person, whoever because it will help you better articulate what you want to say in a much more intellectual manner. The ad wants the viewer to buy this product, whether it be Mattel blocks or a game of Scrabble. Obviously, if you have either of these, you and your child will grow in your ability to spell and utilize larger words than before.



Ad: Sinking Into Cake

At the bottom of this image is the quote, “Need to lose a little weight before your wedding?” and it is right next to a tiny image of a can of Slim-Fast. The overall image is the top tier of a wedding cake with the two figurines. The groom is holding the bride in his arms and, unfortunately, his feet have sunken into that very top tier of the cake. So, obviously, he is struggling to handle his bride’s weight. I believe the goal for this ad is to strike humor and, maybe, a little shock within the viewer. This ad came out in 2001, which makes some sense. Our society will still choose to make some plays on weight here and there, but with how times have changed, it has become fairly frowned upon. Body positivity has become a very significant thing in our current society. Anyways, the point of the humor was saying in the playful sense of, “Maybe the bride should have taken on drinking Slim-Fast before the big wedding day.” Hitting people with the idea of not being “perfect” on their “big day” which will, hopefully, make them pursue purchasing Slim-Fast and bettering themselves.

The target market for this advertisement is, honestly, anyone that feels like they could use dropping some weight, regardless of the reason (i.e. wedding, beach body, job interview, etc.). The advertisement wants the viewer to consider purchasing Slim-Fast, whether it’s for them or for someone else that they know.

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