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ENT 610 – Week 5 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Magazine Ads (4-5)

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife 

Ad: Tool Box  

The image itself is extremely simple, in my opinion. It is all pretty much the same color: lots of red. There is a tool box that is sitting completely wide open. Normally, most tool boxes have lots of stuff in them, random stuff. But not this one, all it has one item: a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. It seems kind of silly, but the entire message is: all you really need is this one tool. This Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is the best tool you could ever have in your life. Simple, but the message is very strong. My initial reaction to the simplicity of this ad is, it makes me smirk. I guess the word would be amusement, not really astonishment. The simplicity amuses me, but I do agree with it fairly well. The Swiss Army Knife brand has definitely carried a reputation of being one of the best. The goal of this campaign is to convince the viewer that, when considering purchasing a pocket/utility knife, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife would be the best way for any individual to go. The target market would be anyone in need of a do-all sort of tool to use in their life. The ad wants the viewer to consider having a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife of their own.


Unilever – Dove 

Ad: Wrinkled? Wonderful

Ad: Grey? Gorgeous

Ad: Flawed? Flawless

All of these ads and others were done by Dove. All of them feature different people. With all of them, there is something about them that may not be seen as beautiful, whether it is wrinkles, gray hair, lots of freckles, or whatever else society has taught us to view as “imperfections.” The first image is of an older woman with many wrinkles. The second image is another older woman, who has a head of long gray hair. The third image is of a younger woman who has freckles all over her body. These images were all a part of a campaign in the U.K. called, the Campaign for Real Beauty. They are wanting to define beauty, real beauty, as more than just “perfect” skin and “perfect” features. Beauty is in everything and they want people to know that beauty can be accentuated by using their Dove products. I feel like they want to impress and influence others to start rethinking how they view a person’s beauty. The objective of these advertisements is to get people on board with a Campaign for Real Beauty, trying to break out of the standards of beauty that society has created.

The target market for this campaign, honestly, is people; the human race; the population at large. Beauty knows no bounds and they want everyone to break out of the barriers that society has set, to acknowledge the fact that there is no one kind of beautiful. They want people to look into their campaign and understand it all more.

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