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ENT 610 – Week 6 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Outdoor Ads (1-3)


Ad: Nests

The image and message are fairly simple and straightforward. The image is of the framework of, what would be, a billboard. There is a small sign in the bottom right of the billboard with a short message from WWF that reads, “Plant more trees.” Beyond just the small sign with a message, is the open framework of the billboard structure. All that is within this open framework, outside of the metal that makes it, are bird nests. At least seven can be seen, whether they’re currently in use, that doesn’t matter. The message and concept are clear, we need to plant more trees, that way there will be more throughout our community, country, and the world, that way birds won’t have to make use of unnatural structures that may or may not be safe for their homes. I feel that this ad strives to shock and impose the feeling of the threat that the environment is facing. The goal of this advertisement/campaign is to convince viewers that trees are an important aspect of our world and we need to plant more, that way the birds will have options beyond just scary metal structures. I feel that, even if this ad were just for a little while, the overall issue could always be addressed.

The target market, honestly, is anyone that has the ability to plant a tree. Granted, I believe this ad may have only been in India, but that is okay. At least it was somewhere. This advertisement wants the viewer to take the action of making a difference in their environment, by adding more trees to the natural surroundings of their country. By helping the flora, they will greatly help the fauna.


Pedigree High Performance

Ad: Hyper

Hyper is made up of four images, though the actual billboard generally looks similar to the top image. The billboard was set up with an engine on the back of it, right about in the center, and they set it to rotate the image of a dog chasing its tail. With the engine being on the back of the billboard, the dog is always spinning, giving the impression that the dog is always running in circles. The constant spinning reflects that this is a dog that has constant energy. In the bottom right corner is an image of a bag of Pedigree Dog Food. There is text underneath the dog, unfortunately, it is too small for me to read, but one can assume it reflects that Pedigree High-Performance Dog Food is the best food for any dog that is high in energy. I think this advertisement is meant to be seen as humorous and amusing. Anyone that has ever known a dog, had a dog or really seen a show/movie/YouTube video with a dog can understand how absolutely ridiculous dogs can be. I feel many can relate to that absolute silliness that is a dog. So, seeing this billboard is meant to make you laugh, but then also think about possibly purchasing Pedigree High-Performance Dog Food for that dog that you have in your life that is absolutely insane and could use some more suitable food.

The target market for this specific advertisement, I feel, is dog owners, dog lovers, dog rescuers, dog fosters, dog anything. Basically, if you love the high energy dogs in your life, you should purchase them Pedigree High-Performance Dog Food. Obviously, your dog will benefit from this dog food if you were to purchase it for them. I feel that the concept of being able to relate to the advertisement is one of the biggest reasons people would find this ad amusing and be interested in purchasing this product.



Ad: Slot Car

This advertisement is designed to kind of be like a kid’s toy/game. There are two slotted tracks that are mirror images of each other. Then there is one car set to run the tracks. Obviously, the car isn’t the actual size of a Mini Cooper, but it is pretty much like a scale model of one. This Mini is set to “run” the track. MINI is known for making smaller, reliable, strategic and slick cars. So setting this billboard up in this manner, I feel like, reflects how awesome these cars are. How tight the tracks are, shows how quick and responsive these cars are. Due to the way this billboard is set up, I feel the viewer is meant to find it cute and funny. There might be some nostalgia thrown in there due to the potential memories the viewer(s) may have from growing up, playing with toy cars on a toy track of some sort. This ad, I feel like, is meant to show off how tiny and slick Mini Coopers are. At the same time, by depicting the potential nostalgia of it all, maybe someone will consider purchasing one for themselves.

The target market would be anyone looking into buying a new car for themselves. That, or anyone considering switching from the current brand of car that they have at that time. The viewer will benefit from purchasing themselves a Mini Cooper by making them the best with maneuvering on the road.

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