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ENT 610 – Week 6 Greatest Marketing Campaign_Five Outdoor Ads (4-5)

Miele Vacuum Cleaner 

Ad: Helicopter



Three advertisements from the same company, all with the same concept in mind. Each billboard has the same base concept of a vacuum cleaner. Where it goes above and beyond, is what the vacuum cleaner is pulling in. In the first one, it is pulling a helicopter into its opening. The second one, it is pulling a satellite into itself. The third one, the vacuum is pulling a hot air balloon down into its depths. The overlapping aspect of these vacuum cleaners? They are all the same vacuum cleaner, all from the same brand: Miele Vacuum Cleaner. Obviously, the underlying message of all three of these ads is the fact that this is one super strong vacuum cleaner that can pick up just about anything. Don’t believe it? Well, here are images of it pulling in a satellite, hot air balloon, and helicopter. I feel like the goal is to amaze the viewer with how strong and powerful this particular vacuum cleaner is. What better way to show that than by having it “pull” these mighty objects straight out of the sky. I believe the objective of this campaign is to sway the viewer towards purchasing a Miele Vacuum Cleaner for themselves.

The target market is anyone in the need of a vacuum cleaner. Whether that is someone looking to purchase their very first vacuum cleaner, someone looking to replace a crummy vacuum cleaner, someone running a cleaning business and needs a good, reliable vacuum cleaner, someone who owns any kind of business (i.e. office building, school, hotel, etc.), anything with a housekeeping type department. This would be a vacuum for you to purchase. If the viewer goes through with purchasing one of these vacuum cleaners, they will not regret it because they will have purchased the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market.


Surfrider Foundation 

Ad: Real Beach Trash

The caption of this image/billboard reads, “Found on Redondo Beach. August 21, 2005.” All the way to the bottom right of this image is a link for the Surfrider Foundation, which is a non-profit that strives to protect every aspect of the oceans, whether that is with beaches, waves, etc. The overall image of this billboard is all trash; trash that was found all over Redondo Beach. The image is meant to shock and startle people into realizing that all of this awful trash, was found all over, what is supposed to be, a beautiful beach. At a quick glance, one can see: a boogie board, a wooden pallet, a shopping cart, at least two beach chairs, lots of plastic bags, laundry detergent bottles, and there’s so much more. I feel that the objective of this advertisement was to draw the public’s attention to a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Rather than the ad just saying, “Littering is bad! Don’t do it.” Instead, they show an image of the problem, they state where and when it was taken, and then they provide the link and a name for a group that is striving to solve the problem.

Anyone that has the capabilities to get involved and/or spreading the word about the need for help and dealing with the issue of polluting our beaches. Beaches tend to be some of the biggest vacation areas. Everyone has their place that they generally end up going to enjoy over the summer or for their vacations. I know my family is one for going to the beach for a week over the summer. One of the biggest things I feel that tourists overlook when it comes to their vacationing is: One, yes you are on vacation, but people do live here on a regular basis, too. Two, a beach is not like your hotel room or beach rental, there aren’t people that come in at the end of each day/week to make sure things are spick and span for the next day and/or the next people. Three, if no one took care of their trash, our beaches and oceans would pretty much just be like landfills, the biggest difference is that the beaches were originally vacation destinations. The reasons for this advertisement is to make people care and strive to get individuals involved.

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